Monday, 31 January 2011

'Oh, waiter woman...!'

they need to be moooi'd!

Big family, big table. 
We had a brilliant table which we have loved and smeared for the last fourteen years but it stopped working for us when the Moo came along. Suddenly, if anyone came round to join us for any meals they might find themselves perched on the sofa or sharing their seat with a wriggly bottomed child. Space around our social hub was becoming an issue.
Of course, being the slightly odd character that I am, I immediately knew where to find our solution. Moooi. It has been about six years that I have been yacking on about this particular table although I hadn't seen it in the 'flesh' until it was ceremoniously carried into the house on Friday. (The ceremony involved two normal delivery men and one over-excited ceremony creating mad woman.) The reason I hadn't seen it is because most of these tables are ordered in black or brown or white but I had another plan. So after much longing for, putting money aside and then ordering, it is here and in my opinion IT'S FLIPPIN' GREAT!

The Moo man from Stoke Newington says....Yes!

(Reasons it works: 1.)square room = round table   2.)technical material on base balances with thick oak top   3.)bright colour adds a bit of personality to a normally boring colored item of furniture that TAKES UP SOOOOO MUCH ROOM so don't be boring about it!   4.) Asa Moo says Yes! and he is super cool, now eats with a silver knife and fork, always clears up AND he leaves a tip.)



  1. oh my that IS flippin' great - I so want one! Lead the way lady - I'm all about the round now X

  2. This is great, Louise! Free style advice form the grooviest mum I know. Someone should pay you for it. Love it! xx


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