Thursday, 17 February 2011

Restrictions Apply...

Yes, air stweardess person, he is under 9kg (!?*),
your legal restriction requirement for use of
the 'sky cot'. He may look fat but if I fold his
arm here and his leg here....., hey presto!

Family holiday.

Multiple infants in small holiday hut.

Strange sleep patterns.

Cot for youngest can double as drum kit at 4am most mornings.

3 year olds can be seen wearing three tops and thick trousers despite tropical heat.

Various hazardous items to act as booby-traps for small people in said rental.

Repeated and heightened shushing for sustained two hour period at beginning of day.

This list can be extended but...
that is a family holiday for you when you have little people.

Despite raising our children without the modern accoutrements of nannies, au pairs or 'staff', I find holidays more work than being at home, where I have surrounded myself with the tools we all need. However, that said, this break, our first proper time away in almost two years, has been fun.
My kids make me laugh. My husband is resilient and the sun shines on.

Island life brings city folk some challenges and a blogger even more (very little connection - but if the toaster doesn't work, what can I expect.) And now I'm starting to roll with it.

So off I head into another day of sun and I'm going to smile. Smile because that is what I'm meant to do and smile because being glum can leave you with some dodgy tan lines.

After hours.

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