Wednesday, 15 June 2011

There's Always Something.

Subtle, sophisticated, harmonious and different.
Full marks to the owners of No. 43.

 There are sometimes the occasional moments before a blog post where I find myself wondering what to write about. Usually, I'm thick with things to say but when much of your day is given over to looking out for the little people, it can distract even the most style opinionated of us from looking around, outside of our own cardboard boxes to the plethora of design inspiration that starts in the very same street you might live in. So whilst taking an ambling cycle ride home, after the desperate dash of a cycle ride into school, I found myself pondering about my next blog. As nothing immediate sprung to mind I switched on my 'inspire me' radar vision glasses and within five seconds was doing a dodgy U turn to stop and photograph some gorgeously lovely shutters. They were painted a beigey sort of colour and were sitting on the inside of a steely grey frame but the golden thread that held it all together and elevated it from 'nice' to 'we have the best window in the street' status, was the use of a soft yellow, skimming the edges of the panelling. I love it. It is the next step on from just beige and greige which we all still love but it adds a little more festival to an otherwise pretty grown up and sombre look. 
 Colour me up baby, I'm off down to our booby-trap of a cellar now. I'm sure I've got a sample pot or four of that very same yellow and if Moo man sleeps for just a little bit longer...

My dodgy U turn - nice railing post though.

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