Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Can I Come In...?

 I've always thought front doors to be an unsung bit of beauty that escapes too many people in both cities and country alike. Of the hundreds of thousands of doors passed in a lifetime, most are forgettable, let alone alluring, enticing, engaging enough to add a curiosity. What's over that threshold could be grand and lavish or small and mysterious, it doesn't matter but the personality of a door can tell of the creative worth within. It doesn't take much to stand out or be different because the majority of doors may as well be called John or Sue. (A generalisation, forgive me, I'm sure there are plenty of fascinating characters out there carrying such a name but you get my point.)I get the head-turn when I see a Clemence or a Blyth. They have precious pieces of door furniture, bold colours or an aged yet loved fade going on that to the DFS sofa couple would keep them up at night with worry for not blending in. Embrace difference. Exude character and for goodness sake let me in. I love a nose.

Bingo! '125 yrs later' paint. My favourite of them all.


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