Thursday, 17 November 2011

Dear Father Christmas....

Julie, you still look great.
 I'm going to picture-list below a few of my 'favourite things'. Not Julie Andrews' because there are only so many whiskers on kittens you can be smitten by in my opinion. Items that I have purchased in the last few months that haven't cost the earth but I wouldn't want to lose. Inching nearer to Christmas it's a good way for me to start making a mental note of affordable pressies that I think would be greeted with a genuine smile, not the "where's the shop receipt" kind and in these eco times a little second-time-around purchasing can no longer be perceived as cheap. Can it?
Qualy sparrow key ring and whistle...and house!
The dog we wish we had, found in a charity shop.
Bulgy eyed sheep picture found at car boot sale.
Magazine rack, vintage shop.
Printers letters,  loved by kids when it spells their name!
Knitted blanket, cheap, secondhand and happy.
Fantastic fakes! From Abigail Ahern
Bananagrams. Bought for the kids, loved by the adults.
Black candle and metal holdall. I just like its differences.
Assorted salt and pepper pots. Secondhand.
Diptyque' lovely body oils.
Printers draws filled with all those little things.

 The only problem is when I find my pressies I have to remember to part with them too! I hope the receivers appreciate the loving home they are being ripped away from. But that's Christmas for you, tears, tantrums and trifle. Mine of course. 

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