Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Print It.

Native Indian women, looking print-tastic.

I've never been a loud and proud print girl. My focus when it comes to clothes has always been about proportion and cut, the balancing of fabric weights and a love of cool, quiet, stylish elegance. I'm talking as a fashion designer now, this isn't a pre-occupation I always choose to afford myself, I appreciate that life offers other more worthy distractions but if I'm going to write about print then I need to confess I have a habitual avoidance of it - until now. 
 What influences these subtle creative changes is hard to pinpoint. Print always has and will continue to be used successfully across the broad spectrum of the fashion world but when it taps into the minds of the more monochromatic designers, you know it is about to have its moment. I recently bought an old Missoni tracksuit in a secondhand shop (I refuse to call everything vintage - it's an adjective used to denote a time where something of quality was produced and there is always a whole lot of rubbish that you need to sift through before you find that gem,) and where a few years ago I would have pushed past it, on the hunt for something a little more well, subtle, I bagged it. The tribal knit printed trousers, played out in bright primarys, balanced with a perfectly tailored-jacket, over a simple marl vest is a thing of beauty! How did my wardrobe survive before? Suddenly, seriousness is given a shake up and celebration and festival make an appearance. In fact it is as I get older that I am happy to throw out the rule book a little more and have fun. Who cares if my neighbour thinks I look bonkers, my 6 year old is trying to pinch my trousers and that's the kind of thumbs up I like.
An Indian in Hackney.

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