Friday, 11 March 2011

Getting a Handle on It.

 Where am I in life, now I dither, um and ah about a doors handle? It should be concerning really that a 36 year old mother of four, who has GCSEs a plenty (what were they all for, I still ask?), A'levels and a first class degree, can wile away her quiet moments (albeit, not many of them) thinking about the right shape, size, material and colour of a door knob. But then maybe it is due to the fact I struggle to even enter half the rooms in our house because of the lack of said item. They did once adorn our doors. Okey, they weren't beautiful. World of Interiors had no plans to write about them but they worked. Now, having become an expert at breaking and entering I have come to realise that something must be done. It is one thing to release your own child from behind a trapped toilet door, quite another to release the baby-sitter. So today, after having stalked and prowled around various re-claim yards this past two months, I am the proud owner of one (!) pair of door handles. 

Enter at own risk
(if you can get in.)

shop owner - 'I don't think I have a matching pair.'
me - 'Do you have a pair?'
shop owner - 'well, you could say these two look similar...?'
me - 'They look similar.'
shop owner - 'I like you.'
me - 'Thanks.'
Come in.
(Well, when I've figured out how to fix them.)

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