Thursday, 21 July 2011

The Old Classics.

Don't trash Coco' style now people or she'll come at you.
Those bags weren't shaped like bricks for no reason!
  No I don't have a Chanel jacket, if I did maybe I wouldn't be the kind of woman who is sitting writing blogs. I'd be drifting through my crumbling French chateau, dogs trailing at my heals whilst looking for inspiration for my boutique jewellery line, based in Paris, that only sells to friends - who have pocket money that doesn't rise in 50p increments on a birthday basis. However, I'd like to have one. But it has to be right. The right length, colour, detailing and the right way of wearing it. That, my friend, is the key to that little boucled box of luxe. And if you don't get that last detail right you may as well have just flushed all your big bucks down the pan. Ms Beckham and you too Beyonce, money don't buy you style. So, sad as it is that these flash cash shoppers are all too quick to buy into those beautiful old classics, as a way of vocalising their wealth, their way of wearing these pieces always sets them apart from the old school. And it is the old school that does it with style.
 So if you are about to take ownership of some French brickwork and you need to figure out the dos and don'ts of your aristo lineage look, check the yes' and nos below. All else fails, wear your jacket naked, with some fabulous jewels. The French have always been at ease with their flesh, non?
Oui, c'est tres chic, low key, ooh la la.
Non! C'est tres horible. Grand hair, nails. Mon dieu.  
Lordy me.... I mean, non, madame. Un abomination!
C'est tres gentile, ma petite mignon.
Crikey, Sienna. Hair, boots, get yourself to Chelsea.
Oui madame. Vous etes un tres belle mamon.
Sacre Couer, Vicky!
No French words can describe ....
Oui, elle etes un fille charmingo.
Non! Get thee back to Cal-i -forn-i-a.

Madame Oui Paradis.


And there you are, naked but for Chanel
and your beautiful child
- and house
-and face
-and Frenchy ways!

Au revoir...

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