Friday, 6 May 2011

Nature Has It.

Something to aspire to!

 The sun shines, people start to wear clothing that borders on inappropriate to the English eye and the air is filled with a general haze of optimism. No wonder flowers choose to bust out of their sleeping bags and attempt to tackle even the most jaded of passers-by with some happiness at this time of year. May is a month where you want to commit to all things positive and regardless of the random nature of Britain' weather patterns, put a stake in your window-box and say, "Bring me sunshine".
 After a barren period of about six months my window box (I think the first acquisition on buying our house seven years ago - "no, we don't have any chairs, tables, rugs or curtains  but we look good from the outside!" ?) has just been resuscitated once again. I'm quite good at this. It involves a great deal of enthusiasm with some bulbs in early spring or a trip to the garden centre yesterday. Then I say five Hail Marys and an Our Father before chucking a bit of Holy Water at it and hoping for the best. "You're on your own now partner, let's hope you aren't too needy."
 This year The Box is sporting a random meadow like look, no contrived matchy-matchy stuff here. You can't go wrong with doing a bit of blind shopping when it comes to plants. In fact, in my humble opinion, the more colourblind you are the better your harvest will be - well, for others anyway. Nature can match any of it's rainbow of colours together and never make a pig' ear of the assembled cast. So mine is big, colourful and ... a bit odd. How long will they last, the happy colourful family of flowers out front? Only nature can tell but I sure do love 'em right now.
Onwards and upwards lads.

The security team .

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Lady Time.

The Toilet of Venus
Even she had to wrestle her little cherubs out.

 Spending a penny. Having a tinkle. Off to the powder room. Whatever way you dress it, toilet action should be a solo mission (unless of course you are post nappies but pre-school and the freedom to yell "I've done a poo!" whilst waiting, bum up, hands down, for the lucky parent to tidy one up, is of benefit to all parties involved). 
 It is a hazy memory now since I've partaken in a lavatory trip sans children. "A door - closed? A lock? Why? Must investigate. Will interrogate. By the way, now I have you at eye-level and looking somewhat vulnerable with your trousers around your ankles, I am going to embark on a discussion of all things weird that inhabit my brain. And when you repeatedly ask me to go away, I will only do so slowly, whilst attempting to slide backwards along the floor, continuing my monologue which has side-stepped into my imagining life as a komodo dragon." ???? Yes, that's normal toilet visiting for me. But things are about to change.
 Having gone to a car boot sale in Norfolk at the weekend, I came across a gorgeous little door knocker.Kids or no kids, I would have bought it but as to where it would go, the gig-style audience of our lavatory dictated the answer. My boys love a novelty and while it may not last for long, the idea of a few loo visits where no-one can enter unless cordially invited has meant the toilet door has it. And it looks good.

                  "Knock,knock - can I come in?"

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