Friday, 21 October 2011

Jean Junkie.

Don't ya just wanna know those  Levi' gals? Gee.
 I remember my Mum asking me over the phone, a few days before my first serious job interview 'what are you going to wear?', no doubt thinking that this was the dawn of a new age for her youngest child. Finally she would morph from a slightly dishevelled studenty old scruff bag into a woman. Get a power suit, brush her hair, carry folders. Ok, maybe not the latter but for a lawyer mum to an art school daughter there was always a pretty big gulf in our fashion waters. Not that my Mum ever berated my choices but I can sympathise as a parent her desires to see me 'pretty up' on a more regular basis. However, I often made her laugh at my charity shop finds and she certainly approved of those secondhand prices. But on telling her that "you really don't dress up to these sort of interviews, Mum, so yes I will be wearing my jeans and no, I won't be brushing my hair", I think she did wonder whether I would ever have a grasp of the adult world. This fashion thing looked pretty prepped and primed to her. In the papers, with their little nod to the Paris shows, all picture and no writing, would be trussed up fashion editors scribbling away in front of sashaying mannequins. Vogue, whilst not my Mum's thing looked glossy, Elle, Marie Claire even Mizz! But her daughter, never one to be easily persuaded otherwise didn't seem phased about going to Paris, meeting some important fashion houses and looking like a lay-about. I however saw it quite differently. I was right then and stick by it now. Fashion should never look uncomfortable, too serious or contrived. Get your jeans right and you can get through most doors, anyway I wasn't going for a job that needed me to win over the confidence of a boardroom of suits. I wasn't trying to heal rifts in the Middle East and I certainly wasn't, unlike my mother, trying to help families in a courtroom. 
 So I donned my jeans, probably my converse and some kind of t-shirt and had a very successful trip. Over the years I haven't had to tailor my work clothes much. Maybe in Italy I embraced a bit more polish but jeans were and are a staple that I can't see ever going away. The honesty of denim makes me a die hard Levi' fan and the fashioning up of the jeans business has kept me away from the sand blasted, rhinestone shaking, over-priced designer kind. Find your fit and make them work for you, because, like a loyal dog, they never let you down. 
Worn day after day after day after day .....

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