Thursday, 31 March 2011


"That'll be one for me and one for my hairy friend."

 I've noticed a running trend with the arty blogger at this time of year. As the temperature pushes itself above the dull and boring chilly mark, young trees dress themselves in their party petals and there is the occasional evidence of good will amongst city folk, the temptation to post a picture of cherry blossom can be hard to resist. Spring has sprung and we all want to write about it. However, until last Sunday, I felt confident of my ability to rise above the same patter. 
 Until last Sunday. But now I don't mind because the persuader, a new kid in town, comes in the form of an ice-cream. Whooa, whooa, whooa there. I'm not talkin' any old bit of pigs' fat here. I'm talkin' a whole lorra home made gorgeousness that is then pumped through Mr Whippy himself and presented to you, standing tall atop a crunchy scrummy cone screaming "eat me, love me and come back for more!" So we did and we have, all six of us and it is fast becoming the high point of our week. Spring has officially arrived and it is now worth shouting about.
 The Tow Path cafe, the eaterie of all eaterie' at the moment in my humble opinion, was set up by a delightful woman called Lori De Mori (the name is enough to make you want to give her food a go), who, with years of experience as a food writer, now crosses the bridge from her home to her hole in the wall cafe on a daily basis and offers canal passers-by some of the freshest, finest foods available. On a Sunday, along with a team of friendly staff and her photographer husband Jason, she can be found searing butter-like steaks and serving them up with a crunchy salad for a fraction of the price asked at any near-by joint... AND IT TASTES SO GOOD! Follow that up with their home-made Mr Whippy and you've got yourself a picture perfect Sunday. So if you find yourself ambling along North London' canal any time soon and your belly cries out for some proper food - hot or cold, head towards Whitmore Rd bridge and look for an aromatic hole in the wall. You'll be hooked and it's an addiction you won't want to shake.

Wall + hole = Tasty nosh.

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