Friday, 4 February 2011

Hook Art

Walls, when empty, are essentially one great big canvas and the choice of adornments are limitless but for some reason we always reach for a picture. Being married to a film man, we are never short of photos that can be blown up and framed as great prints but I don't believe walls should be solely covered in 2D images. For me, a bit of shaking it up adds interest and personality to a space and now our new hallway is shaping up to be my new favourite room (see dark days post), I'm going to act it out in full effect!      
 The first things to bite the dust are our old hooks and quite frankly good riddance to them. Ugly old things that I happily suffocated in overflowing bags and coats, they didn't love me and I certainly never loved them. The thing is, in this Victorian terrace, that we have come to love, there ain't no room for hiding your 'dumping stuff.' So if we're going to see it, then I want to smile at it. And so, in anticipation of a new hallway, I have collated my hook collection over the last twelve months and it's looking good. 
 The only problem is, small infants have been seen trying to hang coats on them. God forbid!

Don't touch!

Just look!

To be hung please, Boss man?!

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  1. that picture cracks me up! welcome to the blogosphere lady; it's fun here!


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