Tuesday, 1 February 2011

She's Good

Yes, I'm cool and no you can't talk to me.

It isn't often that I've said this, in fact, only two or three (not dead) designers have been given my all important thumbs up but Phoebe Philo is pretty good. As the relatively new creative director of Celine, an old French fashion house that has needed some updating for a while, Philo has managed to pull the label back, slap bang into the epicentre of the fashion spotlight. This designer is having her moment and as her last pre-collection recently shows, she is right on the money.
Since capsizing my own fashion boat some time ago now, I've enjoyed the freedom to buy some more questionable items, flirt with some more girly styles and mostly not think twice or even once about what I'm going to pull on. There is something very liberating about getting out of the fashion business. It had reached a point where I could only be critical of others collections and buying from another label was almost cheating on my own. (Not that I could anyway, I was constantly broke!) I had a total love hate of the world it encompassed. 
And now? Well, from my bright green doored - yes, I did it!(? - see Knock Knock post)- Stokey distance, it doesn't look so bad and now Ms Philo is doing something that I totally agree with, I often think, maybe. Maybe we could be friends. Maybe I could throw ideas around the studios of Celine for a few hours a day, in between kiddy duties and be a part of that old world for a second time. Maybe I could talk clothes, sleep clothes, eat (well, okey, too far) ... maybe I could BE FASHION all over again. Then I remember why I'm writing this post. Fashion doesn't need me. Phoebe is going to rescue your dilemmas. So go and buy mod style trousers, narrow shouldered jackets and break out and embrace a bit of leopard print. (- sounds scary but if worn in the right way...) Couple all that with a very cool persona and you've got a really expensive look. Actually there is my problem. Cool, aloof, distant. No. Not genetically possible. I'm leaving it too Phoebe and I think you'll be in good hands.

  8(!) yr old collection of mine
.... and one more.

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  1. happy february louise!

    i keep meaning to comment...have been reading and lurking since nancy sent me your link. am loving your posting-action. umm 4 boys? daily blogging? i bow to you mrs! 1 baby girl and i am way way way behind my blog homework.

    but before i babble too much. yes phoebe. and yes vintage louise. better than good!

    nice to see a bit of your world on this big planet internet. a hug and hello from kelly (german) mcc.


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