Wednesday, 2 February 2011

A Bush Woman Makeover

Lovely hair.  Lovely pots. 

Hair has never been my strong point. I have lots of it and it simply co-exists with everything south of my head in a very independent, I'm doing my own thing kind of fashion. And that's fine. I've grown used to that, some might even say 'nurtured' that because when it comes to my hair, I simply haven't got the inclination to give it the time it probably needs. 
It isn't that it is in poor condition (although I do remember some grimaces from various different hairdressers over the years) or lifeless (if I wanted a quick laugh from the kids, a nifty brush of the locks and you are looking at a human mushroom head). No, it's more that gorgeous hair, you know the stuff that swings, shines and looks like glass is ONE MASSIVE EFFORT. And life is too short for that. So, having been christened 'bush woman' by my caring older siblings since the age of about seven (when I nonchalantly went from long to short with a couple of sharp hacks), I have carried my cross and I think bore it pretty well until...I met Willow!
Here is a woman/girl (too pretty and with it to be called 'woman')who has that innate ability to always look great AND be really , well, nice. That is fine, I can handle that. The world is a better place for it but then I forgot to mention that she also has...amazing hair! Now, the reason this always throws me is because she doesn't look or behave like an 'I've got great hair because I love washing/straightening/fussing' sort of girl. I thought I had an excuse up until now - to look good, don't fuss, and then Willow came along and blew all of that out of the water. Bummer. So what's her secret?
-Any oil?
-NO! You don't want to smell of a chip shop. She uses a mixture of herbs and oils passed on to her by Bedouin arabs when she lived in the Middle East. You massage it into your mop once or twice a week, leave it for 30 minutes or overnight before washing it out and revealing a whole new wig of hair.
-Lovely. Lovely but I told you that I'm into low maintenance.
-Don't worry! She has started hand making individual bottles of the oil from home, which you can now buy at diverse, in North London...
-You mean even I could have hair like Willow'?!
-Miracles have been known to happen.
-I'll take the lot.

Bush Woman and her loyal companion, Bowl Head.

Organic Hair Food by Willow - £29 at Diverse.

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  1. well my lovely i might have long hair,but you have the long legs something that nobody can ever grow,no matter how much oils or creams they use love willow xx


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