Thursday, 3 February 2011

Dress Me Up.

Even Marlene loved a bit of dress.
(-when she was getting her smoking suits washed.)

For  someone who spends 364 days of the year in trousers I have an awful lot of dresses. I can't quite explain why, maybe it is the 'just add underwear and you are done' appeal of them or maybe it is the 'I'm going to go out and party ... one day' promise they give me but as it stands, I have plenty more than I need. However, on every occasion I have worn one of them, I have had an amazing time, simply because I still get that little-girl-going-to-a-party rush and I couldn't care if I was really just having tea round at Tina'. 
You see, the dresses I am drawn to are almost always second-hand finds and I'm not talking hundreds of pounds vintage styley. It might seem easier to just totter into a normal clothes shop but you won't leave with the same smug expression then if you had just scooped a brilliant one-off bargain. Throw caution to the wind. Stand out. Embrace the moth-balley hum, the  tear down the seam and the suspicious brown stain, all of that is fixable and you know that no-one else is going to be swanning around in it' twin. Vintage takes you far enough back in time to let yourself behave like an old party-loving socialite lush. 
So next time you are trying to find yourself a bit of something different, don't head for the High street, the boutique or god-forbid, net-a-porter (who buys those £££££££ dresses ONLINE!). Go for a proper rummage around those aladdin' cave type of shops and bag yourself a proper little gem.

That'll be £40 for a BAFTA dress...
(yes, even Angie' looked me up and down in this!)
£35 for a birthday party dress...
£42 for a friend' posh dinner dress...
£15 for a tea at Tina' dress...
£28 for a Hardy Amies I used to work dress!
... and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

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  1. oh wardrobe of wonders! i am sure i remember borrowing a dress (or 2?) from you way way way back when. and so many lovely additions since then! i am very lucky to have a small collection of my grandma's very favourite things and a totally smug find of a wedding dress bought in angel. not many fancy do's to wear them to about the fens but come the sunshine and i need no excuse. i bet you looked amazing in all those jems.
    (angie- who?!)


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