Friday, 28 January 2011

The Originals

Alice and Felix shopping
Alice and Felix. Now here is a couple that we all want to know. They live in Dartmouth Park, over in North London, close to the Heath, in an area that sits between Kentish Town and Highgate. It is a little gem of a patch in my view. Inhabited by artists and writers, many of the large Victorian/late Georgian houses are in need of some restorative attention but in that lies its charm. 

They have lived in this area for some forty years now and in their present house for thirty two. They are Dartmouth Park Originals. The real deal. He works as an artist, a painter who depicts landscapes using rich and bright oils and she is a set designer who has worked for The English National, The Royal Ballet and other big , prestigious stage companies. Now in their late sixties they're easing off a bit with their work by spending a few months of each year in their small, rustic but idyllic retreat in Umbria. 

They have found that glorious balance in life. They are at a time when they can potter in their garden which is rich and inviting in its organised chaos before wandering into their studio (an amazing light filled greenhouse type of thing) and paint or draw. Then maybe pick up a book, put it down, move to the colourful mish-mash of their kitchen, sample some of the delicious foods that are always in abundance before greeting their interesting and eclectic friends who have come round for their bi-monthly book club meetings that are interspersed with food, wine and peculiar characters who seem to come and go.
And style? Well, they don't even think about it. It's just...there. In everything they do. Their clothes. Their house. Their work. Their food. Their humour. Their warm and friendly manner.

Unfortunately though I don't know if they are really called Alice and Felix or if they live in Dartmouth Park although I bet the style thing is true. I followed them around the supermarket on my weekly shop, trying to go unnoticed with four rather loud children who don't really understand the need for subtle surveillance. They both looked so groovy, like two best friends 'hanging out' together whilst discussing their interesting dry goods purchases (because I bet they only buy meat and veg from a Farmers Market!).

I love them. I've stalked them. (Well, around a supermarket at least.) And I don't want to know them because I'd be sorry to find out that their really called Tina and Dave, who are a famously miserable old pair that particularly despise people who like green front doors (see knock knock post). But if you happen to know them and I'm anywhere near the truth, let's get them round, I think we'd get on.    

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