Tuesday, 25 January 2011


"Where's the Indian?"
Cowboys and Indians is the subject for today' discussion. The reason is, 'where are they now?'. 
Seven years I have been subjected to endless rounds of Toy Story movies. Thankfully each sequel has been quality fodder (unlike most kids films) and with the arrival of our own little cowboy, three and a half years ago, we began to learn the meaning of OBSESSION (and not that honky Calvin Klein perfumey thing). I'm not kidding when I tell you that the boy has perfected the art of quoting from those movies so well now that I'm beginning to jump at inappropriate moments. 
So, I start to think, okey, time to break out here and give my little Pacino some real cowboys to chew on but...there aren't any, or at least not much that is both kid friendly and going to sustain a three year olds attention span. (Apart from A Town Called Panic of course!) And I'm not talking Will Smith kind of cowboy acting either. I'm looking for an Indiana Jones style cowboy affair. A proper Western. A desert. A horse (...maybe more). A smooth talking, rough diamond geezer with revenge on his mind and some bad ass women, hiding guns under their skirts (loving those at the moment too, those big denim things, gathered tight at the top and really worn in - nice!) Kids would love it. Parents would love it. Anybody would love it. Why? Because, in my view, it is so current for what is happening now. 
We are living in a moment where everything is becoming focused on a products uniquenes. We want bespoke. Made to order. That whole cowboyey thing of working the land and living a simple existence is a bastion of that - the utility wear that has it's owners handprint, the handcrafted furniture that is made to last - look at the huge trend for kitchens fashioned out of individual items instead of the 'fitted unit' approach (I'm blowing your mind now aren't I?) and home cooked dishes - every smart restaurant is filling their menus with seasonal veg, picked by the very hands `(- oh,crikey, that's going to add another £100 to the bill then, love!) of the chef himself.
 And of course cowboys look good. 
So come on movie people, make us a film that doesn't involve talking cars, unimaginative aliens or vomiting meatball eating people, (I mean really, whoever green lit that idea?). It isn't much to ask. You have a cowboy and an indian and they don't like each other. I'm in - oh, and Caspar Cassidy too.
"There's right and there's wrong."

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  1. My Godmothery heart swells - yeeehaaaah casparony - bringing it back Sunday afternoon stylee, yeeeehaah X


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