Thursday, 10 February 2011

...Play On.

  Music is a powerful force. I have always loved sounds and rhythms and as a kid I was the tap-dancing, ballet leaping, bendy legs one, who on hearing a tune would definitely 'give it some'. But growing up in a house where the radio was habitually switched off whenever an adult walked past it, my back catalogue of tunes were somewhat limited until ... I met Garth! (His name works well with an exclamation mark.) My husband comes from a family of music lovers. His was a house that always, always, had music playing. REALLY LOUD! Before I met his Mum, I remember getting in her car with his sister (who had 'borrowed' it for a country road jolly) and on turning the ignition, we found our seventeen year old senses blasted with T-Rex' 'Get It On'! A self-taught guitarist and lover of all musical genres, my inspiring mother-in-law raised her children to have a depth of appreciation that emulates in their emotional response to life. 
  Over the years we have been together, I have begun to make up for my lack of exposure by very occasionally spotting and introducing a new song here or there to this musical dictionary of a husband. A rare thing, for a man who is only ever at arms reach from a ukelelee, guitar, piano, ipod or plugged in music industry friend. So with my daily tea-time disaster zone that is my kitchen, my mini men get fed sounds alongside their organic, quorn fed, hand-reared, massaged, buddhist chicken (cut to - a plate of beans on toast). And they lap it up. The results are boys who hug, shout, dance, sing and cry! 
  My only problem comes when they ask me to stop dancing.

-the Tea Time Crew' homework for this week is;

"Wizbot" by Sea of Bees.
(- terrible, off-putting video though.) 

... and "In Your Dreams" by Dark Dark Dark.


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  1. hey trendiness ive only just discovered these a few weex ago ,theyre very very good,think they shalleth be biggeth xx


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