Friday, 11 February 2011

NICE Things 2.

 Jean Shin's Prescription Bottles

  Following on from a previous posting, here are a few more 'NICE things'. Why? Well, after a long fortnight of trying to be Florence Nightingale to various combinations of my childrens' germs, throughout night-time moans and day-time groans, I have exceeded my battery powers. Love is abundant but this mamma is looking for a chair. So to remind myself of a few 'nice things' spotted on my weekly travels, I'm going to sit back and let the pictures do the work.

NICE bricks n' door thing.

NICE paint work.

NICE wall lady.

NICE. Funny sign thing.

... well, strange but NICE colour.

... where did that bloke come from?

NICE curtain print.

NICE wood stained frames.

loving NICE exterior tiles.

NICE sewing box - (now my bedside table.)

... oh, not again!
(NICE cakes though.)

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