Friday, 21 January 2011

We used to wait...

Lady Fharfhar  and friend contemplating their long wait...and FEELING  GOOD!!
Aahh, the sweet smell of toast in the morning, dripping with butter and coated in jam. Yes, lovely, you might be thinking but...? Well, dear people I'm going to take you back now to what for some may be a distant memory, when you longed for a toy, a pair of pixie-boots, the new Roxette single. To long for is not something we do much anymore (yes, I'm getting thought provokingy here. Call it my end of week sermon if you will) and I am constantly reminded by my children how the desire for something adds to the pleasure of getting (because the bizarre acting out of the ownership of the desired item is sustained for a whole lot longer when the bit of plastic crap isn't actually there!). 
This morning, amidst the chaos of getting the boys ready for their  sweat-shops and chimney work we all had a moment of mourning. Our favourite raspberry jam, made by the fair hands of the gorgeous sister-in-law that is the Great Zoe, was down to the last scrapings. Alas, it will be a long wait for the next jar, as the little kitchen star picks those English raspberries in season, off the flippin' bushes no less and carries them home on her donkey (okey, that is a lie unfortunately) to create pure magic in her kitchen, in a way that no shop or even deli bought conserve can match. We wait and guess what, that jam will be all the sweeter for it. 
In fact, being an unprofessional blogger/writer/academic, I am now in the throws of brain spazzing as there is so much I could say on the subject but time is short. Caspar is poorly. Asa has done a stinker and I have cakes to decorate for Leo' cake stall at school which Oscar will be giving me marks out of 10000000 for.
I don't think that can all wait unfortunately but listen to We Used to Wait by Arcade Fire sometime and those lovely singing people will remind you that the wait can sometimes be almost as tasty as Zoe' jam. (Oooh, slick end Wozza!)
Cake it up! Scores Oscar...?


  1. looooove the cakes louise great blog hope you publish it love (auntie) tishxx

  2. Hey Woz, love the blog. Nancy emailed it to me today. I write one too. check it out.


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