Thursday, 20 January 2011

Knock, knock

no-one is immune!
-'Knock, knock'
-'Hello, sir. I'm your local bright colour law enforcement officer  and I'm going to have to arrest you and lock you up for 72 years for your boring, nice, polite and quite frankly, utterly wotsit door. Say your goodbyes and get into this flourescent box please.'

Whooaa there. Don't panic and sit back down. I'm just letting you know that very soon that scary cop could be pounding down your door! Bright colours are the new Chesney Hawkes and you'd better get on my bandwagon now if you don't want to be left in old rubbishdoorcolourville. Yes, there are some Farrow and Ball colours that are lovely but I'm afraid it is all becoming a bit yawny,yawn and it is time to liven things up. So that is what my house is getting. A pea green front door and the boys are gonna flippin' love it. Not sure if boss man knows this yet but if he is keepin' up with what's going down then he is gonna be fly with my shizzle.
saw this....
changing this...
lovin' this!
.... cup o' tea?


  1. yes yes yes I am flouro-tastically right on your wagon dear bright crazy lady - follow the wozza and you will be bang on trend that's what I always tell myself (even if it does take the others a few years to catch on!) I have learnt over the years this is the way!

  2. if you paint your front door flourescent green might your neighbours think that some crusty ravers have moved in? Garth will have to grow some dreds, a goatee, and wear tie dye trousers.....


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