Wednesday, 19 January 2011

bottom pads

"I don't know about you Big Baby, but this has got to be the hottest seat in town!" -Kevin Levin
We have some kitchen chairs that I bought at Swinderby antiques fair ( few years back. I felt rather pleased with my buy as they were 4 ercol dining chairs for not very much, which suited our budget for most things at the time so once they had crossed the threshold of my house they immediately made themselves useful. As time passed, more and more little fidgety people squirmed around on them, dropped food on them and probably even leaked a little on them but they never complained and I always felt grateful to these rather elegant but sturdy chairs for working so hard in our kitchen. Each had four legs, a back and a seat pad - hold-on, did I say seat 'pad?. And then last week,  after a few glasses of wine or more the boss man laid it bear, "Woman, you do a lot in my house but you forget to make chairs comfy. Many years of pain I feel sitting on bony chair. Big problem. You fix. More wine." Of course, I told him to take a stroll, that he was lacking in clarity and he needed to appreciate the clean design  - and have a jug of water,  but I did hear his point - a bit later. On my own. When he was snoring. 
Filling is all they needed. After 30 odd years of use, the stuffing had decomposed and some surgery was called for. I could do it, there wasn't much work involved but on passing a lovely looking studio space I doubled back to find I was looking right in on an upholsterers called 7 Upholstery  ( ) . Inside I met the two lovely people who have worked there for the last 5 years, Michael and Linda and told them of my dilemma. By the next morning I had entrusted them with our limp and sorry looking seat pads which, within a week were back in my house, all jazzed up and happy again. 
There aren't many upholsterers around that seem to work like this pair and if I had anything else for them to cheer up then I'd be down there before the old man managed to "woman" me again. It is a great space that they have and unlike many upholsterers they are tuned into the current fashions meaning even if you don't know how to revamp something, they will and you won't feel like a plonker about it.
Now go and buy some old furniture and get down there!
Linda but not Michael

"ooh, yur gonna luv this..."

(p.s. all that "woman" stuff was just done for the humour of the blog and does not reflect the true character of the said person.At all.)


  1. ooo lovin' those pads lady - I'm searching for things to stuff as we speak!

  2. I wasn't sure what to expect when I saw the title of this post, but frankly I am relieved.


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