Thursday, 3 March 2011

small pleasures

Kim English - 'Daily Chores'

 It is true that sad things often comes in waves. One hits you and whilst reeling a couple more come and keep you from standing up. Well, that has been the case of late but when I piece them all together you are given an extraordinary clarity. When you have your health, life is pretty darn good and simple day to day tasks become a joy. To be-able to get out of bed in a morning and have only the worries of time-keeping or project deadlines to think of is a gift. To know that tomorrow is waiting for you is a delight I don't want to be too late to grasp. So with Spring on it's way (although it is flippin' freezing!) I might actually do a bit of cleaning, dust off some cobwebs and welcome the day and those close to me with a hug. 
 Whilst writing this however, Asa has decided to get ahead of the game and is cleaning out a dirty old fire place with his face. Off to the bathroom little man and I'm embracing it, every sooty little finger!     

He can be Sooty and I'll sweep.
(Boom, boom!)

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