Friday, 14 January 2011

dark days!

Well, New Year, new hallway as they say and that is exactly what my house is getting. No more the boring white walls and thrown on pictures. I refuse for a space which essentially takes up roughly a fifth of my house to act purely as a functional corridor to pass through. It should be enjoyed, adored and inviting. I want to open our front door and feel delighted to be home which for me is about cosy, personal and a bit different. The plan - to paint floor, walls, doors and ceiling the same colour, a yummy Lamp shade Grey by Farrow and Ball and put a new runner down the stairs and all the landings in between. What the wotsit??!!? might be the response to that but after a couple of months fannying around with different shades of grey I can't help think that if you want to do something then go the whole hog otherwise ideas end up looking a bit half arsed so as the grey I've chosen is quite dark we are going to be living in a cave (the hallway doesn't have much light anyway)although it gets substantially lighter upstairs. But it is going to be great. Big prints on walls with some lovely strong colour in them, a few little strange objects and some clever lighting (recessed in the floor and a few in the ceiling) plus a big dramatic statement light in the hall and Bob' your uncle - or in Garth' case, his Grandpa (God rest his soul), you have yourself a pretty wicked space that matches up to all the other rooms you have worked hard to create... or have I just made myself raise my game there too! 


  1. agree with everything you say, you incredible visionary! - asa moo man x

  2. A lovely way to catch up with you Wozzles..and I'm very impressed with Asa's range of vocabulary...Bravo! x


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