Friday, 10 June 2011

Shiny Things.

Hepburn. Whip smart. Funny and always embracing the slacks.
(I bet she'd have loved a bauble though.)
Gad, ya looked good kid!
  I have always been of the less is more persuasion, make-up, hair 'dos', styling and jewels. It isn't that I'm averse to glamming things up but there are few people who benefit from it as the day or for some, night, wears on. My minimalist approach has certainly had its benefits over the years. There is no way that this old hound would want to learn any new tricks as far as grooming goes in the morning. Kids or no kids, I ain't blow-drying hair or applying foundation before I go out the door. Any extra time I might gain as the years pass, with children doing more for themselves in my quest for an acceptable presentation on  their exiting our front door, and you'll find me buried just a bit deeper for a bit longer under my duvet. However, despite my love of all things natural I recognise that nature doesn't always look kindly on the do-and-dash kind of approach with which I like to run my life. We don't all tumble from our linen jumbled beds, shake out our Rapunzel like locks and skip out of the door in a perfectly measured Parisian girl type of way. In actual fact, as the years roll on by, my low maintenance look could become a great BIG maintenance pain in the rump. So maybe I will eventually cut my bird's nest of a hairstyle into something more manageable. Swop the manky old Converse for an elegant flat. Buy a proper bag to carry all my bag lady effects and dump the sweatshirts in favour of a neat and tidy John Smedley. Or more likely I'll just start to hanker over a few bits of delicate bling, an Alexis Carrington for  the new age. I like that.

Yes please, to  Halleh' 18 ct gold heart bracelet.
Thankyou, for Linn Lomo' spike and balls earrings. 
That parisian lady - this one being Gaia Repossi and her lovely cuffs!
a BIG bit of beautiful Repossi bling.
Thankyou, please.
Diane Kordas' blackened gold diamonds -
Ooooh, Alexis didn't have nothing on that!

Moo man takes it upon himself
to rid the family of my plastic heirlooms.
An easy lunch.  

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