Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Play It Again!

Dancing the Latin way - beautiful.

 We love music in our house. I married a man who sings before he talks when waking in the morning. (An annoyance at the time but whilst writing, alone, in a normally noisy home, I am being a little rose-tinted). And what happens when you listen to so much music, largely contemporary but interspersed with classical as a relief, is that when a new sound or style comes through it can have the power to stop you in your tracks and wish you to hear the same song played over and over again. Why, I don't know. I'm an awful musician but much like many trends, when something sounds right it is because it is hitting on a zeitgeist moment. A corking example of that for me right now is 'My Brother The Gun' by Mariachi El Bronx. I love it - Mexican, passionate, rhythmic and poetic. The more rhythmic side project of a Los Angeles based punk band, this is definitely one for my tea-time crew to dance to. So tonight boys, dust off your dancing shoes and get ready to shake your maracas cause the Latinos are coming to Hackney! 
(well, through some speakers in a kitchen.)


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