Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Tick, Tock.

Flavour Flav - a man who
knew a thing or two about clocks!

 We had a clock in our bathroom which hung directly above the door. Were it able to talk it would have had much to say about my variety of different faces expressed when looking at it. Firstly, in the morning, there was the 'desperate face' as I would bash about the room attempting various cleaning/dressing activities, often combined in the hope it might speed the process, which of course it never does. Secondly, the midday me, who thinks they have time on their side and might gaze idly up, giving it a nod, as I would a friend. Thirdly, the 'lost control of the situation' face as the children run amock pre-bath, all at once, naked, laughing hysterically, dirty pants flying and the realisation that order has to be regained to get any kind of a lock down happening in the next hour. And then finally comes the 'to bed' face, which is slightly cross because, beaten with physical exhaustion, I have once again found myself brushing my teeth later, much later than intended.
 But then our clock broke! A son - a very angry son, on being reprimanded for being a bit of a nincumpoop to his brother, decided to demonstrate his embarrasment and sheer fury by doing a bit of door slamming and much to my horror, right in front of my eyes, fell our clock. Silence permeated in the wake of this mini disaster as Leo saw the double disaster he had just brought about although he was exempt from more cross words as he saw my relief at it not having landed on any of his brothers.
  We were left without a clock and how we missed it. Of course it was the missing that made us realise how much we had come to rely on it, so for a time I had one of the kids alarm clocks propped up on a cabinet but it never felt like an honest clock, the neon colours and comedy stars always seemed to belittle the reality of time. So on my travels I kept my eyes open for a replacement but things seemed either too cold in their design or too 'designed'. Until I found Mr Tukes clock. Perfect. I didn't want old but I did want modest. I didn't want bright but I did want colour. I didn't want modern but I did want different. Oh and I didn't want to spend big money bacause...well, we don't have it. So, ladies and gentleman, for £44 I give you the Barnaby Tuke clock ( which, if ever you find yourself in an equally challenging door slamming moment, could also be your next face watching friend. Although this time, I'm trying to smile at it a little more.

And that's the thumbs up from me.

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